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Family Rescue offers its support services thanks to the generous support from individual donors and organizations. On behalf of the women and children that we support, thank you for your kind donation!

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No matter amount you can give, your donation to Family Rescue helps! Interested in Becoming a Sponsor? Check out our great Sponsorship Opportunities for our Upcoming Events!

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How Your Money Can Help


will pay for a week of specialized daycare for 25 children traumatized by domestic violence while their moms work or attend vocational training


will provide a night of safe shelter and meals for a family of 4 fleeing violence


will ensure that a traumatized child will receive an hour of therapy


will provide meals for a day for a family at shelter

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Change the life of a survivor by becoming a Sponsor at one of our Upcoming Events. Family Rescue offers support services thanks to the generous support from individual donors and organizations. Thank you for your kind donation!