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Family Rescue: Payment Page Instructions

To set up Payment Buttons on your website, please follow the following steps.

You’ll want to set up your page structure on your website before creating the form, then create the payment button.

To create a Payment Page in Global Gateway/Payeezy:

  1. Click “Create a New Payment Page” link
  2. Name the payment page and provide a “Return to Your Site” URL ie: https://familyrescueinc.org/donate/
  3. Enter notification email address – then click “4. Receipt Page” on the left hand menu
    1. Choose 2nd button on page:
      1. Link to the receipt page including result parameters using HTTP POST method (POST)
    2. Fill in the Receipt Link Text: Thank You for Your Donation
    3. Fill in the Receipt Link URL: https://familyrescueinc.org/donate-thank-you/
    4. Click “Create” – you will be taken back to the main page, but in order to set up your button, the form must be saved first.


  1. Select your form to edit from the list.
  2. Select #3 – Pay Now/Donate Now
  3. Under Payment Processing: Add dollar amount in the “Amount” field
  4. Tracking ID – is just the information identifying payments in Transaction Search, ie “Pay Now BRONZE SPONSOR – $500
  5. Under Appearance, this is where you create your button.
    1. Change Display Text to “Donate”
    2. Change “Style” to “Simple Rectangle”
    3. Change Background Color to #00a7c0
    4. Color information for your site can be found at: https://familyrescueinc.org/how-to/style-guide/
    5. Choose Arial for font
  6. In the blue box on the right side, click the “Refresh” button
  7. Review the information – your button style should have changed.
    1. If it is correct, Select “Copy to Clipboard” button for the Button HTML. Copy this code and add it to the “code” module on your site in order to create a button.
    2. You will need to create a unique button for each Sponsorship level.

If you already have a form created, then simply go to the “NEXT” area of the instructions to create a button.