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Get Immediate Help

Rosenthal Family Lodge – 24-Hour Crisis Line

(800) 360-6619
(773) 375-8400
TTY (773) 375-8774

City of Chicago Domestic Violence Hotline:

(877) 863-6338

Are You in an Abusive Relationship?

Does Your Partner…

  • Embarrass, belittle, or put you down?

  • Dislike your friends & family and discourage your relationships with others?

  • Make all the decisions in the relationship?

  • Chastise you after social functions for talking with others?

  • Act jealous of people you talk to?

  • Blame you for their mistakes?

  • Forbid or prevent you from working or going to school?

  • Keep money, credit cards, and checking accounts away from you?

  • Control access to your medicines or medical devices?

  • Threaten to have you deported?

  • Abuse your children or pets when they are mad at you?

  • Push, slap, kick, or otherwise assault you?

  • Demand sex, make you perform sexual acts you are not comfortable with, or sexually assault you?

Safety Plan

If you are still in the relationship:

  • Plan a safe place to go if an argument occurs;

  • Make a list of safe people to contact;

  • Memorize important numbers;

  • Establish a “code word” or “sign” so that friends or family know when to call for help;

  • When you leave, take important papers to apply for benefits or take legal action.

If you have left the relationship:

  • Save and document all contacts, messages and incidents involving the abuse;

  • Change locks, if the person abusing you has a key;

  • Avoid being home alone;

  • Plan how to get away if confronted by the person abusing you;

  • If you have to meet with the person abusing you, do it in a public place;

  • Notify school and work contacts.

Your Options


Call 911 if you are in immediate danger. If you would like to speak with a legal advocate about other options, call Family Rescue’s Legal Advocates at 708-689-3422. You can also get an Order of Protection with or without filing a police report. Please call Family Rescue’s Court Advocacy Program at 312-325-9300 for assistance. You do not have to go alone. For more information about your legal options, visit womenslaw.org/laws/il.


Call Family Rescue’s 24-hour crisis line, 800-360-6619, if you are a victim of domestic violence and seeking emergency shelter. A trained counselor will ask a series of questions to see if our shelter is the best option for you and go over safety planning.


Call Family Rescue’s Community Outreach Program, 773.375.6863, if you would like to speak with an advocate about joining a support group or setting up visits for yourself or your children.

What children should hear from a survivor:

  • It’s not okay.

  • It’s not your fault.

  • It must be scary for you.

  • I will listen to you.

  • You can tell me how you feel; it is important.

  • I’m sorry you had to see/hear it.

  • You do not deserve to have this in your family.

  • I will keep you safe.

  • There is nothing you could have done to prevent/change it.

  • We can talk about what to do to keep you safe if it happens again. (For example, staying in your room, going to neighbors, etc.)

  • I care about you, you are important.

Family Rescue Inc.

P.O. Box 17528
Chicago, Illinois 60617

Administration Office
8811 S. Stony Island Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60617
Phone: (773) 375-1918
Fax: (773) 734-1245

Other Resources

City of Chicago Domestic Violence Helpline
(877) 863-6338

Chicago Department of Human Services
(800) 654-8595

Rape Victim Advocates
(312) 443-9603

Center on Halsted LGBTQ+ Violence Hotline
(773) 871-2273

Legal Aid Society
(312) 986-4200

Legal Assistance Foundation
(312) 341-1070

National Runaway Switchboard
(800) 786-2929


Useful Links

Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
The network- Advocating against domestic violence
Illinois Department of Labor VESSA Act
Access Living
Center for Advancing Domestic Peace
The Anti-Cruelty Society
Futures Without Violence
Teen Dating Violence
National Women’s Law Center
Save Abandon Babies Foundation

Family Rescue Program Contact Information

Rosenthal Family Lodge
773-375-8774 (TTY)

Legal Advocacy Program
Centralized Domestic Violence Court of Cook County
555 West Harrison, Room 2200
Chicago, Illinois 60607

Supportive Housing Programs
Ridgeland Apartments: 773-667-0715
RAP Children’s Program: 773-667-1073
New Heights Apartments: 773-948-7960

3rd District Chicago Police Station
7040 South Cottage Grove
Chicago, Illinois 60637

Community Outreach Program
8811 S. Stony Island Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60617

Area South Chicago Police Station
727 East 111th Street
Chicago, Illinois 60628

Domestic Violence Is…

Any act carried out with the intention of physically or emotionally harming another person who is related to you by blood; present or prior marriage or common law marriage; having (or allegedly having) a child in common; having (or have had) a dating relationship. This also includes a person with a disability and their personal assistant.

Learn More About Domestic Violence

Is Your Dating Partner Abusive?

You have the right to be treated with respect.

Ask yourself the following questions. If you answer “yes” to any, you deserve a healthier partner.

  • Does your partner prohibit you from having friends?
  • Does your partner try to control you or make all the decisions?
  • Are you afraid of what your partner might do if they become angry?

Do you feel unsafe in your relationship? Here are some things you can do:

  • Notify others about the situation. There may be people you can carpool to/from school with or who can walk with you between classes.
  • As a minor, you can get an Order of Protection. Contact Family Rescue’s Court Advocacy Program for help at 312-325-9300 or 708-689-3422.
  • Talk with your school’s administration to see if you could get your class schedule or locker changed. You can also explore Title IX protections.

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