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40-Hour Training

Interested in learning more about domestic violence?

Join us for an ICDVP-approved 40-Hour Training!

Family Rescue will share schedules and registration details below as they become available

PURPOSE: The overall purpose of the 40-Hour Domestic Violence Training is to provide participants with advocacy tools so that they may effectively assist people subjected to abuse on their journey to increase their safety. Participants will recognize the pervasiveness of domestic violence, learn about its connection to patriarchy and other forms of oppression, be able to identify tactics of abuse, unlearn myths pertaining to its dynamics, become familiar with legislation related to responding to the crime, and increase their skills in trauma-informed care, crisis intervention, safety planning, self-care, and more.  

REVIEWS: To read reviews of Family Rescue’s 40-Hour Domestic Violence Training, click here.

CONTENT: For a more detailed overview of what topics the training covers, click here.


The Illinois Certified Domestic Violence Professionals (ICDVP) approve of three different training formats for ICDVP-certified training sites.

  • Option #1: The entire 40 Hour Training is facilitated in person.
    • This option is not popular or accessible for many people so Family Rescue is unlikely to offer trainings in this format.
  • Option #2: 20V/20 Under this format, the first 20 hours of the training is facilitated virtually over Zoom and the remaining 20 hours of the training is facilitated in person.
    • This is the format most participants choose since it is the cheapest at $250. Participants are required to have their videos on and fully participate during the Zoom portion of the training.
  • Option #3: 20M/20 Under this format, a participant uses the IL Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICADV) self-paced modules to complete the first 20 hours of the training and complete the remaining 20 hours in person with Family Rescue
    • This is the most flexible but also the most expensive format. Participants choosing this format would need to fully complete the ICADV modules (meaning they have received a certificate from ICADV) prior to the start of the Family Rescue sessions being facilitated in person. Participants would owe ICADV $250 and Family Rescue $125 for a total cost of $375. Any time Family Rescue offers a 20V/20 training, participants also have the option of choosing the 20M/20 format instead.
    • You can register for access to the ICADV modules here.  To clarify, if you want to take all 40 hours with Family Rescue you do NOT need to register for the ICADV modules. Registering for the ICADV modules will also NOT automatically register you for Family Rescue’s in-person sessions.

ICDVP does NOT approve of any training done completely via modules or virtually over zoom. They require 20 hours to be done in person, including the sessions on Safety & Assessment, Direct Service Issues, Cultural Humility, Children’s Issues, and Teen Dating Violence. People interested in becoming 40 hour trained can take a training completely virtually with a domestic violence organization, it would just mean the training would not be ICDVP approved and thus they would not have the first step of the process of becoming an IL Certified Domestic VIolence Professional themselves completed. You can learn more about that process here.


COST: If you wish to take the full 40 hours with us, the cost is $250. We accept checks or money orders made out to Family Rescue sent prior to the start of the training. Please send to 8811 S. Stony Island Ave. P.O. Box 17528, Chicago, IL 60617. You could also pay electronically here and put the applicable month + 40 HR Training in the seller note. If you wish to take 20 hours via the self-paced online modules by the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICADV) and the remaining in-person 20 hour sessions with us, you would owe the ICADV $250 and us $125 for a total of $375. Please be advised that if you pay for the training but do not register for it, you will not be sent important training information, such as the Zoom meeting ID or password. Links for registration will be shared at the bottom of this page as they become available. Please read through all registration details, especially the Training Agreements, before paying for the training. 

SPONSORSHIPS: If you would like to donate money to help lower-income individuals be able to pay for the training, you can visit the donation page of our website, select the amount you wish to donate, and put “40-Hour DV Training Sponsorship” in the “Note for Seller”/Memo line. If you are in need of financial assistance to pay for the training, please email Rose at r.murphy@familyrescueinc.org, and she will let you know how much money is available in the sponsorship fund. 

SCHEDULE: We offer our 40 Hour DV training approximately every other month. Our 40 Hour DV trainings are mostly offered within traditional work hours (Mon-Fri 9-5) over the course of six full days (e.g. three days of the week for two weeks). If a large group of people from your agency requires this training, but they are not available for full days, we could schedule a training of 12 half days throughout a month. Ocassionally, if we receive a high enough demand for it, we will offer a training outside of traditional work hours. This would consist of Saturdays from 9-5 and two evenings during the week for about four weeks. 

ICDVP: You can learn more about the requirements for becoming an Illinois Certified Domestic Violence Professional here. The Illinois Certified Domestic Violence Professionals approves Family Rescue as a 40-Hour Domestic Violence Training Site for all approved training formats. This approval is documented here on their website.

Upcoming Registration

Our next 40 Hour Domestic Violence Training will be Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays July 15th-26th. You can view the full schedule here. You can register here. Limited seats available. Registration will close if the class becomes full. 

To find out when other domestic violence agencies are having their 40 Hour Trainings, click here.

To stay up to date on most trainings related to domestic violence being offered in the state, you can subscribe to the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence Newsletter. To do so, scroll to the very bottom of their home page here.

Looking for PAIP (partner abuse intervention program) training or sexual assault training? Family Rescue does not offer PAIP services or sexual assault specific services and so we do not provide those trainings. You can find Rape Crisis Centers in IL on the ICASA (Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault) website here. You can find certified PAIP training sites by going to this ICDVP webpage and searching “PAIP.”

At this time, Family Rescue is not a certified site for Salon Professional Trainings on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.

Additional Information

TRANSPORTATION: There is plenty of free parking available around the office, including in front of the building and on side streets on the same side of the building (by the Dunkin Donuts) and across the street. The office is also very close to the 28 bus Stony Island and 88th street stop. It is about a 10-minute walk to the 15 bus Jeffery and 88th Street stop. We are also close to the 87 bus that can take folks to the 87th Red Line stop.

FOOD: Lunch is not provided. Participants are welcome to bring a packed lunch or go out to eat and come back. There is a Popeyes, Wendy’s, Subway, and Checkers nearby. Participants are also welcome to use the fridge, oven, microwave, or toaster oven at the administration office. They can also help themselves to coffee and tea in the kitchen.

BATHROOMS: The closest bathroom to the training room is a large single-user gender-neutral bathroom. Further away, there are two other smaller single-user gender-neutral bathrooms as well as a multi-user women’s bathroom. The training room and bathrooms are all on the ground floor of the building.

CONTACT: For more information, please email the Training and Volunteer Coordinator, Ms. Murphy, at r.murphy@familyrescueinc.org

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