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5 Ways You Can Raise Awareness


ONE: Help us spread the word: Family Rescue is here to help! You can assist us by putting up our website/hotline flyer on bulletin boards in bookstores, coffee shops, laundry mats, thrift stores, etc. around the South Side.

TWO: Break the silence to stop the violence. You can get the conversation rolling by sharing posts from domestic violence agencies on your social media. You can also share statistics. The following are the links to our social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

THREE: Build a better future: Support legislation benefiting survivors.

  • Subscribe to the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence Policy Alerts newsletter so you can sign witness slips to support legislation that would support survivors.  You can do this by scrolling to the very bottom of this page.
  • You can also check out The Network’s Policy Action Center
  • Right now, we’re trying to pass Karina’s Bill. This bill would save lives by making sure firearms get taken from people who have an order of protection against them due to their abusive behavior. You can read more about the bill here.

FOUR: Feel the power of stories: Explore media on domestic violence.

  • Consider hosting a screening for Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October. Some options of what to watch are…
    • Reviving Ophelia (2010) Film that deeply examines a fictional case of Teen Dating Violence. Available to watch for free on YouTube here. You can follow along with this viewing guide. You could also call out examples of abuse tactics from the power and control wheel as you watch.
    • Lorena (2019)Four-part documentary about the relationship of John and Lorena Bobbitt on Amazon Prime. You can watch the trailer here.
    • Maid (2021)A retelling of a true story of the effects of abuse on a woman in poverty struggling to raise a child. 10 episodes on Netflix. You can watch the trailer here.
    • Victim/Suspect (2023) Follow the journey of investigative journalist Rae de Leon as she discovers case after case of a survivor of gender-based violence being accused of and charged with false reporting following a botched investigation of their case. This documentary is available on Netflix. You can watch the trailer here.
  • Listen to one of these podcasts and share your thoughts with others.

FIVE: Support our sustainability: Organize a fundraiser online or offline to raise money to fund our services.

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Family Rescue offers its support services thanks to the generous support from individual donors and organizations. On behalf of the women and children that we support. Thank you for your kind donation!

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