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Ridgeland Apartments & Children’s Program

The Ridgeland Apartments and Children’s Program

Our program provides subsidized and permanent housing, along with comprehensive support services to homeless victims and survivors of domestic violence.

This two-phase program was established in 1991 and helps families transition from homelessness into permanent housing, while developing skills to maintain an independent and secure lifestyle.

Phase One, is a two-year program that includes subsidized rent and a full range of supportive services for the family. In Phase Two, having successfully completed Phase One, the family can choose to become a permanent tenant paying full-market rent.

Services for families include:

  • Individual and group counseling

  • Financial, food and clothing assistance

  • Career exploration and employment searches

  • Life management skills

  • Substance abuse recovery support and trauma-informed mental health counseling

  • Parenting support services

  • Homemaker assistance

  • Subsidized housing

  • Permanent housing

Services for Children and Youth

The Ridgeland Apartments and Children’s Program offers an enriched environment for children and youth who have been exposed to domestic violence and homelessness:

  • On-site After School Center is licensed and accredited. The center offers a full range of comprehensive services that focus on the educational health and nutritional and social development needs of children.

  • The Teen Enrichment Program provides a range of activities for teens ages 13-19, which includes counseling, tutoring, mentoring and the exploration or topics that relate to teen developmental needs.

  • Clinical services are also available for children, teens and their families.


Who is eligible?

Survivors with at least one child who are homeless due to domestic violence.

Ridgeland Apartments

(773) 667-0715

Ridgeland Children’s Program

(773) 667-1073

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Family Rescue offers its support services thanks to the generous support from individual donors and organizations. On behalf of the women and children that we support. Thank you for your kind donation!

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