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Rosenthal Family Lodge

A safe refuge – the first step in starting over.

Rosenthal Family Lodge offers much more than a safe place to sleep.

We offer survivors of domestic violence a variety of services to help them rebuild their lives, such as:

  • Crisis intervention

  • Supportive counseling

  • Legal and social service advocacy

  • Life skills education

  • Non-emergency medical assistance

  • Substance abuse counseling and support

  • Children’s programs

  • Referral to partnering agencies when needed

Opened in August 1982, the Rosenthal Family Lodge is the flagship of Family Rescue. The emergency shelter occupies a three-story brick building and contains a recreation area, laundry facility, and study area. There is also a fenced backyard with modern play equipment and Nature Explorer Classroom. This building has 36 beds for families and individuals. Each floor shares common space, which includes a living and dinning room, kitchen and main office. Rosenthal is one of only 2 domestic violence shelters in the city to accept teen males. This ensures that mothers do not have to be separated from their children when leaving an abusive home.

Because Family Rescue also treats children as primary clients, we have staff and services specifically dedicated to children’s programming. Children exposed to domestic violence need a safe place to share their thoughts and feelings. The Children’s Program offers individual and group sessions that are age appropriate.

Our services and referrals empower survivors to break the cycle of violence and move women and children toward peaceful lives of self-sufficiency.


Who is eligible?

Women and their children who are victims or survivors of domestic violence. We also make referrals for adult men who are victims of domestic violence.

What is the fee?

All services are provided free of charge.

When is the shelter open?

24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

All services are provided in English and Spanish.

24-hour Crisis Hotline

or 800-360-6619
(TTD) 773-375-8774

Support Family Rescue

Family Rescue offers its support services thanks to the generous support from individual donors and organizations. On behalf of the women and children that we support. Thank you for your kind donation!

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