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Dione’s Story: Rising Up

Hello, my name is Dione, and I am a Domestic Violence Survivor. I really appreciate the opportunity to be able to explain to you why your support is so very important.

My three children and I are residents at Family Rescues’ transitional housing program. We are currently receiving many supportive services to help us heal emotionally, and become financially stable. However, we did not always have the sense of security we do living at Ridgeland Apartment Program.

Prior to coming to live at Ridgeland, I found myself having to hide in my own bathroom from my abusive husband. He was a very angry and insecure man and always took his frustrations out on me. I tried many times to make my marriage work and was hopeful things would work out, but instead things got worse.  The abuse went from name calling, feeling inferior and controlled, to eventually being severely beaten to the point where I almost passed out and left in shock. It was that beating that led me to the realization that my marriage was not going to get better.

After receiving an order of protection I turned to Family Rescue, where I found help and some hope for my future.  Upon entering Family Rescue, I was an emotional and psychological mess. But they provided housing, counseling, support groups and referred my children and I to therapy.

My advocate Ms. Aimee works weekly with me on budgeting, time management and provides me with counseling. She has guided me with the process of finding a job I actually like and make good money! My Advocate also holds me accountable towards my goals, believes in me and encourages me to be successful.

It was only one year ago that I felt hopeless. But because of the help I am receiving at Family Rescue, and some of the supportive friends I have made there, I have hope once again. I am working closely with my advocate to increase my credit score so I can be able to have my dream condo. I am on the path to becoming financially stable and am feeling better about myself than I have in quite some time. Today I no longer feel hopeless, but confident, secure and very hopeful!

Thank you so much for all of your support!