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Tammie’s Story: Breaking the Cycle

Tammie first contacted Family Rescue by calling the 24-hour hotline asking for help and seeking answers. Her life at home had become unbearable. “It must be me,” she explained, “this is the second relationship I’ve been in that started out wonderful and took a bad turn. I don’t know what to do any more.”

The Advocate listened as Tammie bravely shared her story. Only 22 years old, this young mother had endured horrific physical and emotional abuse. After talking with Family Rescue’s Advocate about services available to her and her children, she decided she needed a safe place to think and get more information and help for herself and her children.

“Something has to change, she explained, “we can’t go on like this.”

After entering Family Rescue’s emergency shelter, staff saw that she was right to be concerned for her children. Calvin, 3 years old and Charles, 1 year had seen daddy beat mommy with a belt and heard mommy scream as she tumbled down the stairs. Calvin had begun acting aggressively toward Tammie and Charles would panic and cry whenever he was away from Tammie.

Tammie worked with the Children’s Services Program to understand and address her children’s behavior. She completed “Parenting with a Purpose” group sessions which provided practical information Tammie could begin applying immediately to further support her parenting.

She also realized that she needed support. She attended support groups and joined a healthy coping strategies group with a partner agency. “Knowing I can talk to [my advocate] every week really helps me stay on track,” explained Tammie. “She understands what I’ve gone through and I don’t feel judged.”

Tammie Rescue left Family Rescue a more confident person and mother with two happier and stable children.